Furthermore the economic analysis of wheat production such as net

Furthermore, the economic analysis of wheat production such as net pro?t, gross pro?t and bene?t to cost ratio has to be investigated by the following terms
equation(10)Totalproductionvalue=WheatYield(kgha−1)×wheatprice (
Photovoltaic (PV) module; Lambert W function; Configuration; Maximum power point (MPP); Maximum power point tracking (MPPT); Photovoltaic (PV) array
1. Introduction
2. Lambert W function representation of the PV module characteristics
Fig. 1. Single-diode model of JQ1 PV module.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
By solving Eq. (3) and using the Lambert W function [28], the output current of the PV module can be expressed as a golden brown algae function of the PV module voltage as following:equation(4)I(V)=Rp [IPHn+KI(T−Tn)]GGn+Io −VRs+Rp−nVTRs·W RsRpIonVT(Rs+Rp)exp[Rp Rs[IPHn+KI(T−Tn)]GGn+RsIo+V nVT(Rs+Rp)]
Vice versa, the PV module voltage can be found as a function of the output current as following:equation(5)V(I)=Rp [IPHn+KI(T−Tn)]GGn+Io−I −RsI−nVT·W RpIonVTexp(Rp [IPHn+KI(T−Tn)]GGn+Io−I nVT)