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4.1.6. Human Toxicity
As can be seen in Fig. 6, markedly different results are provided in this 5-Azacytidine category by each LCIA. Only Eco-indicator 99 and TRACI show the same tendency: the others are all totally different. For instance CML highlights the impact of the nacelle, followed by the tower and maintenance work. EDIP also puts the nacelle in the number one spot, but places maintenance work in second place and the tower third. IMPACT2002 lists the tower first, followed by the nacelle and the rotor. These substantial discrepancies are analysed in detail below.
Fig. 6. Comparison of results for the category of Human Toxicity.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
Eco-indicator 99 assigns much higher weights to components such as nitrogen, oxides and particulates <2.5 μm than to arsenic and nickel, which are the main components highlighted by CML. The components highlighted by TRACI are similar to those cited by Eco-indicator 99, which is why the final results provided by aster software tools are similar.