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Glossaryabs(x)absolute value functionbparameter in Muneer's equation depending on Z DEVD FMK sky anisotropy degreeCgeneral physical magnitude calculated by spatial integrationDintegration domain corresponding to the open visible skyDptransformed domainfssurface occupied by the visible sky versus total area, both measured in the proposed projectionGVFGround View Factoriangle of incidence of sun's rays on the inclined planeIglobal irradiance on tilted planesIdHdiffuse irradiance on the horizontal planeIdβdiffuse irradiance on the tilted planeIDNdirect normal irradianceIGHhorizontal global irradiancerradius polar coordinate for the chromosomes system considered in the transformed planeR(χ,γ)radiance in point PRZradiance in zenith of the sky vaultSVFsky view factorα(φ,θ)Generic functionγazimuth angleηdummy variable of integrationθangular coordinate of the considered spherical systemμdummy variable of integrationξangular polar coordinate for the system considered in the transformed planeρalbedoφangular coordinate of the considered spherical systemχzenith angleΩsolid angle