Sodium Cinnamate: best car engine coolant

Currently in the world, car engine 40% from cooling system failure. Cooling system failure, 80% and cooling medium is involved. Car engine is running for a long time, especially when driving long distances, will cause the coolant temperature increases, even boiling, affecting normal traffic and security, causing a traffic accident. Therefore, the research of automobile engine coolant Sodium cinnamate, its status has been second only to engine research.
Sodium cinnamate with cooling, corrosion, scale and four function of antifreeze, is indispensable to the proper functioning of the engine cooling medium. Such as engine overheating will result in a lower volumetric efficiency, the engine power is reduced, combustion, deflagration to increase early, premature failure of components, deterioration of lubrication between runs, increased wear and shorten the service life of the vehicle.
At present, the use is more common ethylene glycol type coolants and other minority type of cooling medium. But ordinary coolant has poor thermal stability, poor corrosion resistance, flammability, rubber swelling, no corrosion, low boiling point, volatile, toxic and other shortcomings, have been unable to serve as a very good coolant. Recent research found that coolant is added to Sodium cinnamate, can solve these problems, affordable, and make hot coolant soluble high conductivity is good; Metal parts do not corrode and rust, PH value is neutral, nontoxic.

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