CM300DY-24H IGBT Module - Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor

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CM300DY-24H is a Mitsubishi semiconductor which can provide extra supply of energy to various applications and can bring your UPS to the next level! With a super lightweight of 1.10 lbs., CM300DY-24H is capable to produce power of up to 1200V or 300A.


Mitsubishi Electric IGBT module CM300DY-24H is mainly designed for switching applications and contains two IGBT transistors where each transistor has a free-wheel diode that recovers extremely fast! It can also provide high frequency operation, ranging from 20 to 25 kHz with a low drive power and low VCE, making it extremely reliable and cost-efficient.


With these features, Mitsubishi CM300DY-24H is an excellent choice in power boosting your UPS.