Traffic LED show driver each of the technique to increase site visitors

 Recently, a rainstorm raided the Pearl River Delta residents to travel inconvenience. Guangdong Communication Group Xianei Total Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Humen Bridge, Dover, Jiang He, Shenshanxi, Guangzhou-Zhuhai East, Kwong-ching, Guanghe, Shenzhen advantages of salt segment, Guang Zhao, Hui River, Jiang Chao, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Guangzhou-Zhuhai West, the Beijing-Zhuhai North, Meihe 16 road targeted traffic manage or congestion, improved 2 expires earlier. Guangzhou-Shenzhen, Shenzhen-Shantou, Guangzhou-Zhuhai East and a few other sections with the larger accident occurred, resulting in extended queues of vehicles(led traffic sign).


 As soon as once more to the summer time typhoon season, and like this far more negative weather inside the summer, especially, to remind the driver a smooth passage on the snow storm, and now quite a few cities are installed on every main road site visitors LED display, every screen two 2-3 minutes scrolling a site visitors information so drivers have to be capable to bypass the deep water sections.


 Additionally, traffic LED show can show a great time safety expertise in weather; weather circumstances for diverse seasons, the timely release of traffic security strategies. "Safe attached ten million, production security by everybody ......." Targeted traffic police told reporters: Each screen scrolls a bell each and every 2-3 warning indicators, warning signs to promote safe production will last more than a month, about 60 million men and women can see this slogan. The driver drove via the usual visitors lights or such casual behavior, we can see that plenty of understanding of protected production.


 Safety division official mentioned, provided the way car drivers are most likely to engage in secure production-related perform, so bold LED (VMS)show by means of trunk roads below the jurisdiction from the city site visitors police detachment to cooperate propaganda, the propaganda like production security regulations, build a national security community, occupational illness prevention, etc., from the present predicament with good benefits. The next stage, will continue to strengthen communication and cooperation together with the city traffic police, broaden communication channels, in order that the idea of secure production well-known, common. Some drivers mentioned: "see these LED electronic show, specially some warm scrolling banners, so long day of people's hearts feel warm."


 Within the future, we anticipate visitors LED display has become extra urban street a gorgeous landscape.