printer nozzle jam

Look at a few times The print head out ink (commonly known as plug) < BR > the cause and the processing method True blocking reason: < BR > 1, the print time interval is too long, cause the print head dry crust of stock/run every 15 daysThe printerTo print a full color document < BR > 2, seals not torn, the air will not enter/yellow seals tear reshipment cartridges < BR > 3, after a long period of time cleaning the print head many times test line consistent/clear with injector nozzle on the thread broken position/clean with cleaning cartridge nozzle < BR > 4, the print head wear or aging -- -- -- -- -- need to replace the print head < BR > 5, EPSON machine nozzle cleaning methods: < BR > mild plug?Direct use: file - printing - attribute?Cleaning the print head once or twice a < BR > severe plug - direct use: the print head down with clean water, severe 20 ml syringe cleaning < BR > plug - direct use: the print head down.Card case.Light bubble print head with pure water, after 2-3 hours 20 ml syringe cleaning < BR > note: don't wet circuit when finished cleaning the print head, not immediately after installation electricity to wait 30 minutes again electrify strong natural dry wash after commissioning.< BR > 6, Canon model nozzle cleaning methods: < BR > mild plug?.Direct use: file - printing - attribute?