Table nbsp Properties of produced syngas

The basic benefit of polygeneration is to gain in thermodynamic efficiency through optimum integration of material and R-7128 flows to obtain all outputs simultaneously from the same unit in a more efficient way. Inherent complexity of a polygeneration unit than separate units for same outputs will be justified if a gain in thermodynamic efficiency through the process of integration into a single unit is obtained. In this paper, fuel energy savings ratio (FESR) is used as the parameter for evaluation of this gain in efficiency. FESR is indicated as the amount of fuel energy saved by the polygeneration system for the same output utilities relative to standard stand-alone units for each of these outputs. If F is the fuel energy required for the polygeneration to deliver certain outputs, and Fref (i.e. reference amount of fuel energy) is the amount of total fuel energy required for the same outputs from stand-alone standard plants each for one utility output then.equation(10)FESR=(Fref–F)Fref=1−FFrefequation(11)where,Fref=WGTηGT+WSTηST+Qutilityηboiler+methanol·CVethanolηeth