Durga Pooja is a Time to Invoke the Blessings of the Goddess

The weather model baju batik kantor pleasant, the autumn being heralded through the multi-colored leaves, the fragrance of special event hanging in the environment is a sure shot indication that Durga Pooja is normally in the atmosphere. Durga Pooja may be the biggest festival of most Hindus in the Indian states of West Bengal, Orissa, Tripura, Assam, Jharkand and other areas of East India and Bangladesh. Also countries like Nepal and Bhutan enjoy the event with certain variations in the guidelines and customs. The event celebrates the homecoming of the goddess Durga and is celebrated from the sixth time to the tenth day of the period of the waxing moon through the sixth month of the Bengali calendar. Based on the Gregorian calendar the dates usually fall in the month of September or October.

Durga Pooja was typically done through the spring but mythology claims that Lord Rama had to invoke the Goddess through the autumn due to the want of the hour. Rama was involved with a raging struggle with Ravana, the king of Lanka, now known as Sri Lanka, and Rama needed the intervention of the goddess to show the war in his favor. However, with the passage of time the Durga Pooja kept in autumn has gained even more popularity among the masses and is normally celebrated with very much fanfare. In Calcutta by itself, there are over ten pandals (decorated tents) housing the goddess and her family, are created to commemorate Durga Pooja and a competition is held to judge the best out from the lot. The most creatively designed pandal can be declared to be the champion and this draws an enormous crowd to the venue to get a glimpse of the piece of art.

The artisans who generate the idols of the goddess and her entourage are well respected craftsmen who especially can be found in from the villages to create a superior artwork with their specialized knowledge. It is indeed disheartening to see this kind of creativity literally heading down the water by the end of the event when the goddess is usually immersed in the holy waters but its all part of the ritual. Durga Pooja is like a carnival time and even the non Hindus get engulfed in the vacation spirit. In fact after the Durga Pooja starts it really is just like a chain of festivals taking place one following the other right upto ending the year with Christmas and heralding the New Year.

Durga Pooja sees a mad scramble at purchasing places for new clothes and accessories and sweets and gifts for the whole family and close friends. It a time when the rich culture of Bengal finds an elevated platform and is brought to the forefront through a host of cultural programs during the entire five times of the festival. A common saying for the Bengali community promises to have got thirteen festivals in the twelve months of a year. However there is absolutely no doubt about the actual fact that out of all the festivals the Durga Pooja continues to be the biggest and the most important and near heart festival of most Bengali Hindus across the globe.