Representative costs were assigned to each of the

A final step in the methodology is to analyze the economic benefit from the addition of the storage device. For this purpose, the guidelines presented in Ref. [7] are used.
2. Ocean data and wave converter power matrix
Wave data measurements from a chosen site near the city of Saint-Pierre (Pierrefonds) in Reunion island, France, are used. The available data include ocean state signals as significant wave height and maximum Skepinone-L of waves measured from 2000 to 2007 and 2009.
The optimization methodology presented in this paper is based on the day ahead output power bid computed from wave height forecasts. Available wave state forecast data from WW3 models are published by the US-NAVY at These forecasts include years 2005–present. For this reason, the base data set was chosen for the year 2006, for complete measured and forecast data. This is a limitation that may have an influence on the resource assessment analysis, hence the results presented in this article does not consider the inter-annual variability of wave energy. To account for inter-annual variations, it is recommended to consider at least 10 year of measured data.