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Among the available devices, the most popular and extensively studied wave Sobetirome conversion device is OWC system [4]. The OWC system can be subdivided into fixed and floating structures. The fixed structures are installed near the shorelines while the floating structures are installed at offshore locations. The OWC is a partially submerged hollow cylindrical column consisting a bidirectional flow turbine or simply a bidirectional turbine installed inside the column [5].The alternating wave pattern produces a reciprocating air flow over the bidirectional turbine, thus rotating the turbine in a single direction.
During the primitive stages of extracting energy from the waves, the impulse turbines with flow rectification valves were employed. Because of the issues of maintenance and high energy losses involved with the valves, the valveless turbine was used as an alternative solution [6]. The popular bidirectional turbines are either reaction or impulse type. The reaction turbines operate on the principle of aerodynamics i.e., the pressure difference across the rotor helps to rotate the turbine. The impulse turbines operate on principle of rotodynamics i.e., the rotor rotates because of the impact of fluid jet on the rotor [7]. The reaction turbine inhibits the application because of its low operating range, high noise generation and poor starting characteristics [8] and [9].