Predicting the energy consumed at Leaf farm

3.2.3. Subsystem (2): Leaf farm and ESS section
Leaf farm is an office building, thus it participates at the microgrid as a domain of 20-HETE consumed. Subsystem (2) also includes the energy storage system of Leaf Community, which has a roundtrip efficiency of 95.5%. The maximum power can be stored is 224 kW, while an inverter along the line connecting ESS with Leaf farm consumes 7 kW, every time ESS is charged or discharged. In the case of discharging ESS, the energy charged is used firstly from Leaf farm and then is distributed to other buildings, while the energy stored can't be sold to the main grid. Depending on the state of charge, the life time of ESS and the cycle cost was given and they are presented at Table 1:
Table 1.
ESS's swing range and cycle cost.No scenarioSwing rangeCycle life (EOL 80%)Cycle-cost [€/kWh]10%–100%60000.22225%–100%84000.2130%–75%12,7000.14450%–100%11,6000.2350%–50%36,1000.07675%–100%49,5000.11750%–75%30,4000.17825%–50%76,1000.0790%–25%139,0000.04Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV