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4.4. Effect of Reynolds number on transient PCM temperature during melting/solidification
From Fig. 10a–b, it BI 2536 can be observed the effects of Reynolds number on the time variation of the PCM during discharging/charging process. During the discharge, HTF inlet temperature has been 280 K and the Stefan number Ste = 0.175. Solidification of the PCM starts on the cold water-PCM surface and spreads inside the PCM region. As the solidification front progresses, the temperature curve moves downward. The heat transfer has been governed by conduction from the starting of the cooling process until the beginning of the phase change. A decreasing of temperature was observed during pancreatic islets first stage until the paraffin started to solidify. During the second stage, the temperature decreases gradually until the end of solidification, thus another temperature drop was occurred. The temperature profile shows the duration of every step of the solidification process for each Reynolds number.