There are many mid-sized companies that offer web design and development services to clients on a global basis. It may be that they are good companies offering decent service to their clients, but all of these companies might not be the best platform to launch one’s career and grow with the organization.

To begin with, the sign of a great employee friendly company is how it treats its new recruits and how they are supported to get acquainted with the workplace, colleagues and new roles. This is particularly important for those who are not seasoned professionals and are starting their careers in the world of IT enabled services.

By the phrase IT enabled services we mean business and knowledge process outsourcing, website design and development, search engine optimization and digital marketing. Almost all organizations operating under the hood of ITes provides their clients the services mentioned above.

As such, these companies are a good place to gain a firsthand experience about the IT world, so that candidates who work hard to develop their skills and gather experience for 2 – 3 years can switch to other firms. Although the change of job is against the interest of the companies, it is a bitter fact in today’s job market that if an employee stays in the same company for more than 3 years, the company should consider itself to be really lucky to have such loyal people on their team and should try out everything to retain such trained talents.

However, it is sad to notice that most of the companies impose negative restrictions and unethical strategies, so that candidates find it hard to switch to other companies that might offer better roles and off course, a hike in the salary. Ironically, these are the companies in which the attrition rate is at its highest, because such companies rarely fulfill the necessities of their employees in terms of training, skill development, work-life balance, timing flexibility, salary, holidays and many other things that employees expect. The companies try to maintain one sided affairs and their interest lies in extracting the maximum from their employees without giving proportionate returns according to standard corporate practices.

This is the scenario in the majority of grass root level companies that are engaged in providing web designing service in India. An ideal website development company in India that is engaged in delivering high value websites to its clients will never indulge in any such practices, because they full recognize and believe on the fact that such oppressive and negative tactics on its own employees will never yield anything substantial and sustainable. Instead, they focus on nurturing and developing the right attitude and skill set in their employees, apart from handsomely compensating the hard work and time their employees put into their work. Indeed, such a company is the most preferred place for employees, as one can see from the high rate of talent retention in these companies.