Louis Vuitton Replica Handbag Bandits

There is nothing worse than having your favourite replica handbag brand get robbed, and that’s what recently happened to a Louis Vuitton store in Sydney. Oh, but before you worry too burberry totes uk bags hard, you’ll be happy to know that police officer’s were all over that (They were probably LV lovers themselves), and the bandits are not behind bars. The stripes they desired aren’t the ones that they got, that’s for sure.

Around 1: 00AM on Thursday morning, three men smashed through a side door of an Louis Vuitton boutique in Sydney and decided to be the brand’s replica handbag bandits. Of course, LV has some serious security and an alarm was immediately sounded as soon as the men went crashing through the door. It didn’t take long before officers were surrounding the replica handbag store, and within about an hour, all of the men were found hiding in a basement car parking lot, with their replica Louis Vuitton handbags on their arms. Okay, so maybe not on their arms but you know what I mean.

The men were 18, 19 and 32 and even planned to have their escape car be a stolen Audi. It’s definitely time for these thieves to be locked up, and locked up for good.

Although the replica burberry bags specific Louis Vuitton replica handbags weren’t released to the media, in regards to which ones they took, but a LV representative did say that their retail prices for their replica handbags are approximately between $1500 and $2000, with an exception for ones made of alligator, snake and crocodile skins which retailed between $30, 500 and $50, 000. Then, their made-to-order replica handbags and special editions went even higher. So it’s safe to say that these replica handbag thieves would have made a good sale on their stolen goods had they gotten away.
Luckily they didn’t, and we won’t have fraudulent items out on the market, so you can continue to shop the latest LV styles, such as the LV Koala Wallet which is much thicker, and different toned than the majority of other styles. That’s also not to mention replica totes handbags that you don’t have to become a thief to be able to enjoy this luxurious brand. You just have to shop replica so you can afford the style.