There is a constant endeavor to develop new formulations better

It is essential to study the Zeta potential (ζ) of the formulated NEm in order to study the charge on the droplets and to comment on the Baricitinib of the formulated system. A high value of the ζ will confirm stability on the formulated nano system (i.e., a given dispersion will resist aggregation). For a NEm system to be stabilized by electrostatic repulsion, a ζ value of ± 30 mV is required as minimum. The ζ values of the studied NEms (Table 2) were in the range from + 30 mV to + 47 mV. It suggested the formation of stable dispersions. The value increased with the addition of curcumin to the NEm from + 70 mV to + 92 mV indicating higher stability of curcumin loaded system. The value further increased with the increase in concentration of curcumin indicating the increased stability of NEm. The obtained data (Table 2) was contrary to the observation of other studies [37], here the negative charge on Tween based NEm had been between the various experimental data at a particular concentration has been observed at 95% significance level (Table 2).