Reluctant Celebrities

Every once in a while the model baju batik kantor come across people who shy from the fame and the glamour that's bestowed on them, they dont crave for the limelight that 9 out of 10 people amongst the rich and the well-known would, stardom is a thing that just happened on the way to achieving what they wanted to. Their ultimate purpose wasnt being glamorous and popular but making fame in the field they chose. They are known as reluctant celebrities and sometimes we at the media accidentally come across such stars who dont like the attention and the poking and prying into their lives. Actually come to think about it there are several celebrities who like their stardom till a particular limit beyond that they guard their personal privacy fiercely. We at entertainment news will get you updates on the so called celebrities too, celebrities who lead guarded lives away from the glare of the press. Entertainment news is different because we'd get you news of also those celebrities who in fact did something worthwhile to make the fame and the fortune. This isnt only about ordinary celebs like Katie Price whod do anything to protected the attention of the newspapers and the shutterbugs or actually Kevin Federline, Britney Spears ex husband who adored to bask in the glory of his wifes past musical fortunes. Entertainment information shall get you tales on the superstars from the literary world too, the ones who shut themselves up for months altogether to produce one masterpiece after another. Entertainment news shall offer you valuable entertainment news too.

Who can ignore Ernest Hemingway, nicknamed "Papa" because he was also a portion of the community known as the expatriate community in Paris that was moreover known as "the shed generation". Leading the colorful life that he did which included four marriages and a number of divorces the writer cannot help but grab the attention of the media even if he didn't want to. However his work spoke volumes of his talent as a littrateur as he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1954 for his contribution to the world of English literature. His gruesome death at the end evoked the inquisitiveness of the media still more as he ended his personal life in a bizarre fashion. Thus Black Entertainment News shall get you all of the news of such reluctant superstars who like living away from the clutches of the press. We will also get you stories of past superstars like Ernest Hemingway who in their time had been the favorites of the mass media. The Black Entertainment News shall also enlighten about the latest in tinsel town. Extra Entertainment News shall get you news from the sidelines of the entertainment industry.