Plastics Used In Various Applications

In the modern world plastic parts are part of daily life, from the wires and cables that connect us to the internet, to the conduits and wiring that wind around our houses and the places we work, to the endless plastic parts on the consoles of our cars. Most plastic is made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and manufactured by PVC manufacturers in facilities around the world and throughout the US.

Chemical engineers have the ability to vary the chemical properties of semi-rigid chemical alloys to produce rigid PVC compounds that maintain their shape or flexible PVC that if often used for pliable tubes or other flexible parts. The applications for plastic really are endless and reach across home, business, and manufacturing items including:

Automotive Parts - shifting knobs, door gaskets, window and sunroof seals, console moldings, trim, wires

Industrial - handles, grips, hoses, tubing, knobs, suction cups, grommets, parts

Medicine - tubing, bendable tubing, intravenous feeding. Plastics found in the medical field use medical grade PVC plastics created for safe food handling and sanitation.

Building/Construction - window stripping, window sealing, outside trimming pieces

Wires & Cabling - appliance wiring, communications cabling, automobile cabling and wires

Electrical - power cords, harnesses for wires, battery terminal boots, shields

Consciousness for the environment in recent years have spawned the development of chemical free pliable polyvinyl chloride plastics that are more appropriate to utilize in children's toys and plastic items involved in food processing.