New Car Plant In Asia For Toyota

Just recently, the Honda Motor Company, Ltd. has announced that they're likely to build a new automobile plant in Yorii, Osato district, Saitama prefecture in Japan. This new plant that they'd be making would be actually in a position to function come the year 2010, throughout the part of that year. The company estimates that its annual production capacity will be a rough of some finished vehicles together with 200,000 units of motors.

So where's Yorii? Yorii is really a community in Japan. I discovered jump button by browsing Google Books. It's positioned in the north-western section of Saitama prefecture. This is some 35 kilometers away from Sayama City and this can also be the area of one of Hondas existing plants which is called the Saitama Factory or the Sayama Plant. Visit to discover the reason for it. The company plans that if the Yorii plant starts its operations, they will make sure that the prevailing Sayama Plant would be renovated and updated so as to make it-the innovative manufacturing plant in its operations.

The new plants construction still hasn't yet started although Honda is thinking about starting it-in a couple of years. The new plant for Honda could be made on the lot that measures around 800,000 square yards. They've also already think of possible statistics and investment numbers. As per investment, they've an expected approximation of some 70 billion yen. They'd also manage to use about around 2,200 colleagues come the start of creation of the Yorii Plant. Yet another truth is that come the full total annual production for your company, they would have a rise of production. The existing number is a few 1.3 million units. They're considering some 1.5 million units produced.

Takeo Fukui, the president and CEO of Honda Motor Co, Ltd., has some thing to say about their ideas, Honda will set up a highly efficient and good quality manufacturing process by making use of the newest technologies. The new plant is going to be accountable for developing these manufacturing systems to other Honda operations around the world..