Headquartered in New Braunfels

The city of New Braunfels, Texas has grown dramatically over the last decade. The population almost doubled since the 2000 census and gave opportunities for many local businesses to thrive. There has been much changed since its founding in 1845 by German settlers. It is considered a unique city halfway between San Antonio and Austin. The area has one of the largest water parks The United States and has seen much growth in commerce. Most of the houses that have been built in the area are fairly new. But with the increase in population surging so quickly there is a high demand for homes in the area. Usually, the homes that are preferred a are a bit older. Real estate companies do fairly well in the area selling fix up style homes. Most of those homes were built around the mid-to-late the 80s and are still considered fairly stout structure wise. But one of the concerns is whether or not these homes are conservative for energy. Dollar Energy Solutions launched in New Braunfels with hopes of helping many of these families out to cut costs on their electric and gas heating bills.

The company has had some great progress in the last three years alone. It has saved just about 500 residents a little more than $600,000 in its start of operations. Preston Fontenot is the founder of the company and explains that they have also expanded services to Austin and San Antonio bringing in another 1200 residents home for inspections.