Using A Defense Dog


My good friend who's your dog trainer offered me his 5 year old Belgian Malinois for use. Therefore he may protect his master, bite on command, generate the bite on command, remain until released and the others he is trained as a protection dog. He's a prize as third placer in Level 1 protection in a protection dog competition. I've two puppies at present: An one year-old and a nine month-old Labrador... both are girls, behavior experienced and not neutered.

I would l...

Mackie writes:

My buddy who is a dog trainer offered his 5-year old Belgian Malinois to me for use. He is educated like a protection dog so he may defend his grasp, bite on command, release the bite on command, remain until released and the others. He's a trophy as third placer in Level 1 protection in a protection dog competition. I've two dogs at present: a nine month-old Labrador.. and An one year-old. both are women, obedience experienced and not neutered.

I would like to follow him and I know I can take care of him. Can h-e accept me after being my friend's favorite dog for 5-years? My friend assured me that he can shift the devotion of your dog to me. He's a fierce dog when in opposition but a very quiet dog when away from training band. Actually my friend gives the dog with him all the time and I know of several occasions that the dog is off leash. He's giving him up because he wants to replace him with a younger dog. Be taught more on this partner wiki - Click here: site link.

Can I get him on his offer?

Expensive Mackie:

Yes... Your dog may shift his devotion for you.

Listed below are two major problems you should consider before using this dog:

1. The Belgian Malinois (particularly one that is bred and educated for bite work and defense dog sports) will demand a lot of work ON YOUR PART to learn how to handle this dog. You're likely to require a large amount of training... one-on-one style... to successfully incorporate this dog in to your daily life. It's like driving a Ferrari or a race car. The-car already works great, but if you don't understand the proper way to get it, you'll end up killing yourself. And simply because you already know how to drive a Subaru does not reduce it... we're talking Ferrari, here. And the Belgian Malinois is a Ferrari with the tricked out Turbo motor.

2. The breed is definitely an very HIGH DRIVE breed. That dog needs PLENTY of exercise and mental excitement. LOADS. If you have an opinion about religion, you will maybe fancy to study about go there. Please take the time to identify that following this dog is a important responsibility.

If you decide to take action, and you're effective, you'll have an incredible partner. The breed is very healthy and you may be content-in knowing that you own a KING OF KINGS as far as working dogs are concerned.

A part of me has always wanted that which you are contemplating getting. But my life style and dedication for the exercise and training needs are some thing I do not have at this present point in my life.

P.S. Make sure that the dog isn't dog intense before you decide to take control.

That's all for the time being, folks!