Choosing a Web Designer - What to Look For and What to Avoid

Owning and operating your personal business from day to day is a massive task in itself. Tack on the chore of selecting a professional web designer and nicely it can get overwhelming.

Selecting a internet designer or developer should not be taken lightly a web designer is responsible for creating and establishing your corporate identity and online presence. Your business internet website speaks for you when you can't. What does your present web website design say about your business? Does it portray a professional, reliable company? If not here's a few suggestions for finding and selecting a web designer.

What to look for

Portfolio Samples

A good web designer or design business will have an online presence. Ask to see the designer's portfolio and links to some of their current web website designs. Beware of designers that are providing internet design or graphic style services with no online presence. Take the time to navigate the designer's internet website and some of their client's sites to get a feel for their skills and also to make sure all links, navigational features, and so on. function properly. Frequently unskilled internet designer's websites will have dead hyperlinks, misspelled words and other errors.


Most reputable web designers and businesses will post client testimonials on their internet website. These are a good indication that the designer is experienced and that previous customers have been satisfied with their function. Beware of a long list of testimonials with no client info such as business name or a link to the internet website. Most web designers will hyperlink their client's testimonials to their sites so you can verify that they are in fact a pleased customer.


If the designer's testimonials aren't readily available ask, and verify them. Call or e-mail the references and ask how their experience was with the designer and if they had been satisfied with the work. This might seem like a lot of work but getting a web site professionally developed is a monetary investment and an important 1 to your business. It's sensible to do your homework before jumping into something.

Get in touch with Information

Now this may seem like common sense but verify the designer's web website for clear contact info such as a physical address and phone number. A designer displaying only their e-mail address and website address as get in touch with info is not very credible and you should request and confirm the designers get in touch with information prior to paying for or placing a deposit down on your design services.