Aquarium Snails - Pets or Pests?

There are numerous various kinds of aquarium snails many of which can be good to have in your tank. While some people believe of snails as pests (and some are), other people buy them on purpose to maintain in their tanks. Sometimes, when you purchase plants for your aquarium tiny little snails can be hiding in the plants and you may wake up a week or two later and find your tank to be overrun by snails! Usually, nevertheless you can buy big snails at your pet shop.

There are several types of snails you may consider. Each 1 appears different and has a different demeanor in the tank.

The Ramshorn snail is thusly named as it's shape appears like a rams horn. They come in black, red and occasionally checked patterns. This snail will dine on your plants and can reproduce fairly rapidly.

The Trumpet snail is a live bearing snail that eats that meals and other stuff that has fallen into the substrate. They rarely consume plants so this is a good 1 to have if you have a lot of plants in your aquarium. Usually they hide during daylight and come out at night, but you will most likely see them hanging out on the glass of your tank just below the water line when you initial get up in the morning. The Trumpet snail can help clean the debris on the bottom of your tank.

The Pond snail is the 1 that usually hitches a totally free ride into your tank on aquarium plants. Shaped like a football, they reproduce fairly quickly and have a veracious appetite for your aquarium plants rapidly devouring them.

The Apple snail is a well-liked aquarium inhabitant and comes in 4 various species. These snails can consume aquarium plants so you will have to be careful. This snail can live fairly a whilst and might develop as large as a tennis ball if given fantastic care!

Most aquarium snails will do will in a neighborhood tank. Some eat algae and some eat the debris on the bottom so these snails can be quite advantageous to the tank. Other species eat aquarium plants, so be sure you know what you are purchasing if you have plants in the tank.

Snails get along great with many types of aquarium fish such as Neon Tetras, Guppies, White Cloud Minnows and Danios. However, if you discover that some uninvited snails have appeared in your tank, you might attempt introducing a Skink or Clown Loach into the tank as these guys will happily eat all the snails they can discover.


Aquarium snails are a fantastic way to add some thing a bit different into your tank, but you should be certain you get snails that are compatible with your fish. When in doubt just ask the clerk at your fish store and they will be certain to point you in the correct path.