A Glance At The Beginnings And Practice Of Muay Thai

Starting in Thailand, and then moving worldwide, Muay Thai is a martial art form that is starting to get noticed. A kind of kickboxing, this martial art makes use of elbows, knees, your feet and hands for striking and defense. Referred to as the art of a limbs, the knees and elbows are counted with your arms and legs making Muay Thai quite distinctive. The history and a few little known facts about Muay Thai will be discussed in this article.

Muay Thai is a very old martial art, and accounts of it that go back around 1,000 years can be found. Thailand was occupied by a number of nations over the centuries, and before the age of guns, fighting was close up and usually hand-to-hand. In this particular form of martial arts, striking techniques were developed to end fights fast. As this was created for battle at first, early forms of this martial art did not concentrate on safety. Groin shots, and headbutting were used during combat, in addition to striking the opponent wherever necessary to win. The name Muay Thai didn't come about until the 1920s, but the art has existed for numerous centuries.

Competitors in modern mixed martial arts will frequently add Muay Thai into their fighting methods. The most powerful strikes employed by MMA fighters originate from Muay Thai, often a combination of grappling methods similar to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It's quite common that knockout blows are let loose, using their hands or feet, by people that practice this specific martial art form. At close range, there are few martial arts tactics that are as effective as those found with Muay Thai. At times an elbow or knee is used in a tight position. This is an indication of Muay Thai fighters and not those that practice karate which requires some distance to strike. This martial art is very unsafe due to the close range aspect. One of the top MMA fighters of modern times, Anderson Silva, is proficient in Muay Thai methods.

Physical conditioning is an extremely important aspect of being proficient with the Muay Thai form of self-defense. You must have endurance, strength, and flexibility to do incredibly well. Muay Thai, in truth, has many outstanding fitness workouts specifically intended to train for this martial art. Even if you wouldn't like to become an expert at Muay Thai, the fitness regimen that you need to follow with this particular martial art will get you into great shape. Muay Thai is really a form of kickboxing, and several contemporary aerobic workouts use kickboxing as part of their workout routines. Hence, even if you don't want to do kickboxing or Muay Thai, the training will definitely get you into shape.

Muay Thai is an old and well respected martial art that's now acknowledged as an exciting sport worldwide. It's now possible to find Muay Thai teachers in every country, and whether your goal is to learn self defense or train for MMA competitions, these methods can be extremely helpful. shawnee martial arts lessons Muay Thai is just as great for folks trying to find a high intensity cardio workout.