Could The Matrix Trilogy Stay As Popular As Star Wars?

36 months following the final film premiered, interest levels continue to be high as evidenced by a high degree of searches on major search engines. A certain cult-like following for the Matrix Trilogy has absolutely created.

Promoting for these movies in addition has been large. Should people choose to get extra info about, we know about thousands of resources people might consider pursuing. The video produced several video games, a 10 disk DVD selection, a sungla...

Can the very popular Sci-Fi film, The Matrix, have the staying power and interest that the Star Wars movies have had?

36 months after the final movie premiered, interest levels continue to be high as shown by a high level of searches on major se's. An absolute cult-like following for the Matrix Trilogy has definitely developed.

Promoting for these movies has additionally been huge. The movie produced many video gaming, a 10 cd DVD collection, a sunglasses line, as well as the typical toy and action figure line. The movies have rabid fans who'll buy something that has the Matrix name on it and who have spent a lot of time trying to interpret the spiritual and philosophical messages in the movies.

While a lot of time has been used by Star Wars lovers on developing additional history and back-story, the same will also apply to the Matrix movies. One need only look at the Ultimate Matrix Collection including several additional DVDs that help explain the entire story of the Matrix in addition to the three DVDs of the films. Muscle Matrix Solutions: Review Examining Ryan Hughes' Program Released contains further about how to flirt with this thing.

Complete world wide gross on the trilogy of films is $1,623,967,842, creating the Matrix Trilogy one of probably the most successful trilogies of them all. The initial three Star Wars films have made $1,788,879,251 in global gross earnings.

However, the parallels to the Star Wars films won't end there. While Star Wars was known for its ground breaking special effects back in 1979, the first Matrix video was ground breaking round time special effects which is now a standard effect seen in action films.

As The Matrix still has an extended ways to go in showing that it may stay popular like Star Wars has each one of these years, to date early figures show that the Matrix movies will stay popular for many years even if no new movies are actually introduced..