Best holiday destinations in Koh Samui Thailand

Koh Samui is an island that is situated east of Kra Isthmus in Thailand. It is the second largest island in Thailand after phucket with an area of 228.7 km2 and a population of over 63 000 people. Koh Samui is a tourist attraction site in Thailand. The island is full of abundant tourist resources, sandy beaches, coral reef and plenty of coconut trees wihin the island. Most importantly, Koh Samui has a hotel occupancy rate of about 73%. Koh samui is an island of charm and natural beauty, a place where one can have the best time during the holiday. This beach is second to no other in terms of resources, talk of clear warm water, sand beaches, and gentle ocean breezes among others. Koh Samui was at the beginning a fishing ground for Thai community. The Thai culture still alive in this island. For you stay in Koh