To calculate the prime process parameters and

To calculate the prime process parameters and design of single-stage batch adsorption system, adsorption isotherm data are essential. To utilize lab scale data for the application of industrial wastewater treatment, the batch adsorber model VSV-G tag essential to design. A schematic representation of the batch adsorber model is given in Fig. 10.
Fig. 10. Schematic representation of batch adsorber model for RB 5 adsorption onto the PLC.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
V (m3) is the volume of the solution in a batch adsorber system with an initial dye (RB 5) concentration of C0 (g·m− 3), and the concentration of dye at any time t in the system is binary fission Ct (g·m− 3). If M (kg) is the mass of the adsorbent (PLC) in the adsorber and at any time t, the solute loading of the dye on the adsorbent changes to qt (g·kg− 1) from the initial solute loading of q0 (g·kg− 1), then, according to the mass balance equation,equation(11)V(C0−Ct)=M(qt−q0).VC0−Ct=Mqt−q0.