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From the perspective of power enterprises, power enterprises are also the beneficiaries to carry out DSM. The implementation of DSM will significantly reduce investment in constructing power plants. Through load shifting, load rate of power grid will be increased and PP242 consumption will be reduced as well as utilization hours of power generation equipments will be increased. When combining power transmission, transmission and distribution all together, the loss can be compensated within enterprise and the benefit can be shared equally within the enterprise. Due to the fact that power enterprises are separate from power grid network, only power enterprises can gains the saving investment [12]. Power grid companies have to bear the loss of profits alone. From the perspective of social fairness, it is not conducive to the long-term sustainable development of DSM.
Here, two-fold power price is divided into capacity price and energy price. The capacity price is determined based on the transformer capacity and the maximum demand of customer power equipment, which reflects the fixed cost of the electric power enterprise. The energy price is determined by the actual power consumption per month which reflects the variable cost of the electric power enterprise.P=aM+dHHorP=aMH+dwhere P is the electricity price and a is the capacity price of maximum load per kW; M is the transformer capacity and the maximum demand of customer power equipment; d is the energy price of the per kW determined by ammeter and H is power consumption (kW h).