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6. Conclusion
In this paper, possible business models that demand side management (DSM) providers can adopt relative to different electricity market stakeholders are discussed. DSM resources are divided into StemRegenin 1 efficiency (EE) and demand response (DR) resources, and the electricity market is segmented into system operation, generation, transmission and distribution, retailing and load segments. For each business model, three groups of characteristics are analyzed: DSM transaction characteristics, renewable energy correlation and DSM load control characteristics.
As the next step, niche is proposed to determine the prevailing technical, regulatory and financial risks for each business model as well as possible solutions considering different market designs. Additionally, it is recommended to perform a more in depth study of how the proliferation of prosumers and electric vehicles can influence DSM business models.
AcknowledgmentThe ideas, judgments, claims and comments in this paper are solely of the author and by no means represent those of Panasonic Corporation.