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Energy service availability based measurements construct and use composited indicators to measure regorafenib poverty. The rationale for composite indicators lies in the need for aggregated information at a level that makes analysis directly and flexible. Therefore, they can be used in various contexts and help reduce influence of selecting unsuitable fixed benchmark. However, emphasizing on its indicators corresponding to the research location, this approach requires adequate data.
2.2. Energy service quality based measurements
Some methods define “energy poverty line” which is familiar with the conventional monetary poverty line to measure energy poverty (e.g., [17] and [18]). Energy poverty line, an energy service quality based measurement, focuses on estimating the cost of access to energy service from economic perspective. However, there is no widely accepted energy poverty line [19].
This method mainly considers household energy consumed by energy poor and non-poor with respect to their economic levels. The poorest groups always use more inefficient fuels and unclean cooking facilities than that of middle and upper income groups [20], and spend more time and money to buy and collect energy [21], so they can be termed energy poor and bear heavy economic burden.