The unique nature of Pd

Finally, from the economic side, what emerges from the literature is that Bleomycin Sulfate the profitability of investments related to the construction of PV recycling facilities seems to be guaranteed only by the management of great amounts of wastes. The authors decided to analyse the Italian context with the aim to assess if the presence of current low volumes and the expectation of great volumes in the next future can support (or not) the development of a national PV panels recycling chain.
The paper is organized as follows: Section 2 presents a literature analysis about PV panels recycling with a technological, environmental and economic perspective. Section 3 focuses on the Italian market, by calculating the amount of wastes to be recovered under a high uncertainty. This way, gastroesophageal sphincter is possible to define the number of plants to be constructed in function of the selected optimal size. Section 4 presents an economic model developed and used to evaluate four case studies investments assumed with respect to two different installation sizes (185 ton and 1480 ton) and two different scenarios (PV manufacturer coincides or not with the PV recycler). Results are presented and discussed in Section 5. Additionally, a sensitivity analysis on some critical variables is conducted. Section 6 presents concluding remarks and future perspectives.