Over the past decade offshore

Role of policy in shielding, nurturing, empowering offshore wind (2003–2006).ShieldingNurturingEmpoweringMEP subsidy applied for and granted to OWEZ & Q7 parks2004: Government funds consortium [email protected] (30 parties from Estradiol sector, offshore industry, developers, research institutes and NGO?s) to apply OWEZ experiences to future farms2004: Full liberalization of energy marketElectricity Production Environmental Quality scheme MEP (2004) provides kW h subsidy for renewables to level the playing field with fossil fuelsGovernment proposal for concession-based licencing system overruled (2004). Uses first-come-first-served licencing system instead & lifts moratoriumMinister of EZ now in favour of phased, financially controlled OSW rollout unicellular left the possibility of not realizing the 6000 MW goalUnexpected number of applications (many for the same, cheapest locations) leads Minister of EZ to renew moratorium and cancel MEP for offshore wind in 2005 for reasons of ‘out of control costs’ (MEP terminated altogether in 2006)Central Planning Agency report (2005) deems OSW ‘not societally profitable’Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV