HerePinstalledPinstalled is the installed capacity of the power plant

TMY formatted data also contain hourly wind speed measured at 10 m above the ground level [34]. These data are used to estimate the PI-3065 output of wind technology assuming that Vestas V-90 wind turbines will be installed.
A PTC power plant typically has a capacity in the range of 10 to 300 MWe as reported by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) [35]. Accordingly, in order to have a comparison between the performance of PV, PTC and wind systems, in the current study the capacity for preliminary design of each power plant is considered to be 10 MWe.
2.2. PV energetic model
The objective of the PV Energetic Model is to introduce a mathematical model to estimate the electricity output of the PV power plant having a specific installed capacity. The introduced model is used for the insolation based on the hourly meteorological data of a specific location for three characteristic orientations: (1) fixed; (2) EW tracking; and (3) NS tracking. Since PV panels convert both beam and diffuse insolation to electricity, both of these resources are considered as the energy input to the PV panel. In order to simplify the model the shading by terrestrial objects on the panels during the daylight is assumed to be small and therefore is neglected.