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And indeed, in April 2008 the government announced that as a part of a new National Water Plan it would allocate offshore wind Furosemide areas where the remainder of the ‘6000 MW in 2020’ goal could be realized. This was meant to give a “steering role to the [next] cabinets that need to realize the 2020 target” [98]. In its mid-2008 Energy Report the Ministry of Economic Affairs reiterated its promise to provide a clear vision on the future uses of the North Sea and a coordinated approach to spatial planning, licenses and stimulation through SDE. It also reiterated the long-term ‘6000 MW in 2020’ goal and explicitly framed the North Sea as an energy source [99]. A late-2008 draft version of the National Water Plan appointed two large areas for Round 3 of Dutch development which would take place between 2015 and 2020: IJmuiden-Ver (a~1170 km2 area where it was thought some 5000 MW could be realized) and Borssele (344 km2, 1000 MW), as well as ‘search areas’ for further Round 3 development.