Here PinstalledPinstalled is the desired

In Eq. (7)ff is focal length of collector and LSCALSCA is the length of a single solar collector assembly. In the current study ff is assumed to be 1.71 m and LSCALSCA is assumed to be 115 m based on [42].
2.3.1. Thermal storage energetic model for PTC system
Fig. 5. The flowchart of the thermal AGN 195183 storage system (TES) model for PTC.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
Installing a storage system will increase installation costs, however the resulting higher capacity factor can compensate for the higher installed cost which can make installing the storage system economically feasible in case of having sufficient solar resources. In the flowchart shown in Fig. 5, QcollQcoll is the thermal energy collected by the collector, QstorQstor is the energy stored in the storage system, Qstormax is the maximum capacity of the storage system for thermal energy storage, QHEQHE is the thermal energy available for the heat engine, QHEmax is the maximum thermal energy capacity of the heat engine, E   is the electrical energy output and EPTCmax is the maximum capacity of the electrical energy output of the system.