Numerical computations were performed to determine

Numerical computations were performed to determine monthly and annual yields of both passive and active solar stills by considering the climatic parameters at five stations. The analytical expressions were also derived for water temperature, glass cover temperature and yield as a function of climatic parameters and design parameters. It was inferred from the analysis that PF-06463922 the annual yield significantly depends on water depth and the annual yield for a given water depth increases linearly with collector area. It was concluded that the annual yield is at its maximum when the condensing glass cover inclination is equal to the latitude of the place.
Dimri et al. [34] investigated the effects of inner and outer glass temperatures on the yield of both passive and active solar stills and the effect of different condensing cover materials. Plastic, copper and glass were used as condensing cover materials in the solar stills. Also the effects on various parameters on yield such as thickness of glass cover, collector absorbing surface, wind velocity, water depth, etc. were predicted theoretically and the results were validated through experimental data. A panel of flat plate collectors was coupled in case of active solar still to feed additional thermal energy to the basin water.