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Boubekri et al. [46] studied the productivity of a single basin single slope solar still fitted with two reflectors coupled with a photovoltaic/thermal solar water heater system. To improve the productivity of the solar still, two methods were considered, either the use of plane reflectors in order to increase the solar flux during the sunshine period or by the storage of solar CFM 1571 in the form of hot water using a storage tank that will supply the still with the hot water during the nocturnal period.
The system consists of a conventional still with a hybrid PV/T collector and internal and external reflectors as shown in Fig. 38. The electric power generated by the hybrid PV/T solar collector enables the active still to operate within a forced circulation mode by the use of a mechanical pump. The use of reflectors aims to increase the solar radiation absorbed by the still. The PV/T solar water heater system (Fig. 39) used for supplying the still with hot water during the nocturnal period is made up of a storage tank connected to the hybrid PV/T collector. An electrical system constituting of a photovoltaic generator and ohmic heating resistances is used to increase the temperature of the water in the tank.