How to be a successful investor? Many raise this question. Tough enough? NO, not that much. To be a successful investor, you have to start watching Indian Stock Market, Live. You have to see the charts and the news related share market. There you’ll get a clear idea when to invest, how to invest and in which stocks to invest. In present days charts and news are available in so many websites and news channels. Now let me explain how live charts will help you in investment aspect.

For example, take Intraday Trading:

If you are planning to do intraday trading in any stock and say you have got an Indian Share Market recommendation for 3 stocks,

1.       SBI – Buy @ 285 and target 305 (for example)

2.       Tata Motors – Buy @ 515 and target 540 (for example)

3.       BHEL – Buy @ 235 and target 250 (for example)

Now it’s upto your analytical skills and the thorough knowledge of the charts and previous trends of these 3 stocks based on which you have to choose the right one.

How you can be able to do that, follow the below mentioned steps:

1.       Start watching live Indian stock market and especially these 3 stocks, note their opening and closing prices, whether it opens and closes in positive mode or in negative mode.

2.       If the stocks opens in negative mode and it’s trending against the recommendations then ignore the stocks. For instance, if the opening price of the BHEL is 225 and it starts to move downwards to Rs. 222 then there is a less chance of this stock to reach the recommended target. Now you can ignore the recommendation regarding BHEL.

3.       If the other stocks opens in positive mode compared to their previous closing, say State Bank of India opens at Rs. 282 against its previous closing at Rs. 278 and Tata Motors opens at Rs. 512 when compared to its previous closing at Rs. 512, that is there is no change in price level, so there is less chance for Tata Motors to reach target price in comparison with State Bank of India.

4.       In this kind of situation, to do successful investment you should opt for State Bank of India which has stronger chances of reaching the target price compared to other recommendations.

Above stated analysis is just a way of doing successful investment. But the success also depends on various factors like political news, economic news, social news, weather upgrades, news regarding International socio-economic-political conditions. Through experience you’ll be able to do more mature and positive analysis and can rip the benefit of successful investment over the years.

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