Aybar presented a mathematical modeling

The important problem with the existing design of the solar still is the difficulty in the augmentation of various renewable L 012 devices to supply additional thermal energy to the basin water. Hence the still should have a provision to easily augment various energy devices to utilize the waste heat effectively. Also the size must be optimized to make the still more compact and easily transferrable. Instead of simply augmenting additional equipment to the existing passive still, the possibility of utilizing the waste heat energy available at various places like small thermal industries, waste heat energy from cooking of food items in hotels, homes, cafeterias, etc. should be explored. Sampathkumar and Senthilkumar [86] proposed a new system operated in a hybrid nature and was capable of producing hot water as well as distilled water based on the situational requirement. These types of models have an advantage of reduction in overall initial investment cost of solar distillation unit and effective utilization of the equipment augmented with it.