Fuel cells rely on external fuel delivered continuously

All the discussed thermal models have their own advantages and limitations due to certain assumption during the development of model. The study revealed that, KTM model is more valid for active solar stills; however, the constants C and n values were predicted from the extensive experimental results. So, it MDL 72832 may not be useful for design of solar still based on the theoretical analysis. The thermal modeling is a powerful tool that can be utilized to optimize the performance of the solar still for the given set of parameters. It will be helpful to predict the behavior of particular type of solar still to understand its suitability and techno-economic viability. The tremendous improvement in the area of software gives lot of opportunities for model testing and design changes for solar stills. Hence stem cells is suggested that thermal models should be developed for the solar stills and the influencing parameter values must be selected by simulation methods suitable for local weather conditions before its fabrication and implementation.