About Raven Starre Scam

Raven Starre is guilty of financial irregularities, tax evasion, ponzi scheme and squirrel Behavior.

In Early July she sold to 22 people “positions in her downline” that did not exist. She took anywhere from 2,000- 10,000$ from each person to join her business in MLM. I paid 2,000$ for a position in her downline in July 2014.

In early december she enrolled 12 people into a show called “ One Year to Millionaire” the people listed below paid their money with the promise of getting leads from the show, one year of mentoring and coaching from Raven, she would teach us everything we needed to know about MLM and making it in business and her promise to use $200,000 of this money everyone contributed to market the show. After filming for 8 days, the show was cancelled per Raven Starres orders. Many were abused and bullied and treated horrendously both on the show and before the show, she positioned herself to be the authority and told everyone once their money had been deposited to her account that there were NO refunds. She spoke of our reactive minds any time someone tried to speak up and would berate that person publicly sometimes for over an hr on a call. Lots of quantum physics and pitted people against each other, called people stupid, dead weight, they had nothing to contribute, would never make it etc.

Brooke March -25k
Amy Sheeley- 25k
Julia Colles and Serina Colles- 80k
Beth Bayard- 25k
Jen Ashby- 25k
Lori Petrocino- 25k
Jason Starr- 25k
Debra Artura- 25k
Mika Shoemaker 25k
Nancy Johnson 25k
Mindy Weathers 9!
24,000 she collected from each person to stay at the mansion for the shoot
David- 5k ( don’t know his last name, he was with us for only a week and left)
16,000- she collected from everyone at the mansion to make up Mindys money

Jason Starr, changed his mind the day after he wired funds, she refused to give his money back. Lori was kicked off the show before it started, she had us all vote her off saying she was unethical and made a great case for it. Jen Ashby also did not show up after the abuse for a week working with Raven- no refund. Mindy’s husband had a heart attack and could not make the final portion of her payment or come for the filming- no refund.

In January 2015 she told us we all needed to put in more money for the new direction of the project. She said we should no longer be doing MLM, in fact it was very hard and none would make a million dollars doing it. So the show morphed into a new idea called RAWomyn- a talk show. The 4 people remaining were to put in an additional 10k each for mentoring. as well as another 15k each to fund the project. 25K of this was to secure a spot in the “war room” an elite mastermind IM group. We wired money to her account. We got our spot in the war room. On March 2 it was confirmed that 25k was refunded to Raven Starres credit card and not one dollar of that money is hers and she has not returned it. That money belongs raven starre to Mika, Debra and myself.

She sent funds to our production company Movies From the Heart twice- over 30,000 and told us to write cashiers checks back to her so she would not have to pay taxes on the money. Her apartment was supposed to be for filming. We shot there 2.5 days only over the last 6 months and this is illegal for her to have made the request. We should have said no, however I was now invested over 50k and we were afraid she would pull the plug on the project,and leave us with nothing if we said no.

She owes our company $15,200- 10,000 for editing fees promised to Director Scott Cervine and 5200$ for deposit from the mansion, we put this money up when she promised she would pay us back and did not.

Every participant was required to do the “landmark Forum” before they arrived at the mansion, she used all this technology with us to form a strong case for herself, preaching ethics and integrity and radical honesty at every opportunity.

She owes me and my family and production company $64,510 combined.!

Everyone knows she studies at Celebrity Centre and she asked me not to tell anyone for months.!

It is very hard to read this and not feel tremendous embarrassment for falling for what happened. Why in the world did I keep saying yes? Because I believed her stories, I believed she was a mentor who could teach me about business. She spoke my language of law of attraction and quantum physics. If only a site like this had been up I would have thought twice. She is masterful at saying the right thing and once I put in the first 25k, I was on the line and felt that the only way to recoup it was to keep going.

Fraud affects 25 million people every year and we must speak up about it. I hope this saves someone else.

Everything is true.