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Not too long ago, the Art Institute of Chicago opened the brand new Modern Wing. That new add-on is built to house the very best items from its Modern Art series.

There are numerous phrases that I could utilize to illustrate this new wing yet I will begin with this one - impressive! edmc school This is the very first time the Art Institute is benefiting from sun light and they've done a superb job from it. For all the many years past in exploring the museum you had just low darkish spaces to greet you, not like the Field Museum, or Shedd Aquarium just near by in Grant Park.

There are two ways that people might go into the Modern Wing, either the north face on Monroe Street or via the galleries on the inside of the museum. I would suggest for your initial visit to get into the Modern Wing via Monroe Street, when you move across the doors you will be amazed by the height of the ceiling and the depth of the rotunda. The lighting runs in naturally and makes the trip up-beat and relaxing.

Of specific note is the staircase on the eastern side of the rotunda next to the lift. Renzo Piano got the inspiration for this staircase from the renowned set of stairs at the Arts Club of Chicago produced by Mies Van Der Roe, a member of the renowned club. In 1951 Rue Shaw, Leader of the Arts Club requested Mies to style the club's new areas since it had lost the space in the Wrigley Building, Mies succeeded at no cost to the club! After that the club had to go once more and it took the stair case and relocated it to the clubs new building.

There are three floors to the Modern Wing. The very first ground is for classrooms, lectures, and investigation. The second floor is for modern American Art and sculpture. The 3rd floor is the best since it houses the most significant Modern pieces of the gallery and in addition because of the outstanding illumination scheme created by Mr. Piano. The rooftop behaves as a source of light that softly goes through a fine mesh of architectural elements right through to the art gallery.

The 3 floorings have a breathtaking view of Millennium Park to the north where the causeway is built to run from the 3rd floor of the Modern Wing across Monroe Street straight into Millennium Park. On the whole the brand-new addition to the Art Institute of Chicago additional raises the World Class grade of this remarkable organization.