How to build the Light Truss

When it comes to building a performance space, one thing is certain: You'll need lights. Whether you are creating the light plot for a dance club, a small black-box theater or a large-scale music venue, the most effective method for lighting your stage involves installing a lighting truss-- a structure that you can hang lights from. 
1 decide on the area of the stage that the lights on the truss will illuminate. Select an optimal angle that will bathe the target area in light, ensuring at least 1 6-foot distance out from the stage.
2 check the durability of the ceiling hang points. Your most secure option will be built-in I-beams or eye-hooks. Test your hang point with sandbags to guarantee a load capacity of 1000 to 1500 pounds. To install eye-hooks, use a stud finder to find ceiling joist. Drill four holes in a straight line at 4-foot intervals; screw in eye-hooks by hand.
3 Attach high-grade chain to the corrugates steel pipe tightly at each by wrapping the chain at least twice along the pipe. Begin with the end-link of the chain in your hand as you wrap, clipping the final link securely with a carbine to the part of the chain that will be suspended. Lift each end of the pipe by he chain to ensure that the fastening is secure.
4 Repeat with two additional chains, wrapping each at 4-foot intervals along the pipe and fastening with two more carbines.
5 Raise each end of the pipe simultaneously with the aid of two ladders or lift devices and suspend the end chains from the ceiling supports.
6 Experiment here with different heights to decide on the best hanging angle(45 degrees is generally best). If using eye-hooks, connect carbines directly to the desired link of chain, With an exposed i-beam, use the "wrap-and-connect" method that you used to fasten the chain to the pipe. Trim remaining slack with a grinding tool.
7 Repeat with the two inner chains until the truss is entirely level.
8 Hang lights to the truss by manually tightening the C-clamp attached to each lighting fixture.