Top 3 Fitness Tools

This fourth machine - I know I promised three machines but this one is very specialized and often not seen except in elite health clubs.

In short, it is a sad fact that this machine is hard to find.

If your club has one, congratulations is owed to your club manager/owner.

This machine is outstanding for the aging female. Men, I know you may be completely confused on this machine. For you see, women have a natural tendency as we age to have weak hamstrings. Men, in general, their physic is geared toward strong leg muscles and rarely do men have lack of strength in their hamstring muscles.

Having stated that men do have a strong tendency to have tight hamstrings. This is particular true for men over 50 who have jobs that mandate they sit behind a desk or study over a computer. Yet strength training and stretching are different. I am not saying strength will not help but if your muscles are tight - you need to stretch, if your muscles are weak, you need resistance training. Of course, the best of both world is always combining resistance training with stretching.

Name Is Deceiving - "Glute Machine"

This machine, I feel is marketed completely wrong. Lifefitness I fear will be mad at me but this machine is wonderful and yet it does so much more than the "glutes". Yes, this machine will work your glutes but if you have ever tried it, I dare you to name the glute as the primary muscle that is worked. I feel it first in my hamstrings and second in my glutes.

I also feel it in my sartorius muscle and combining the hamstring with the sartorius muscle means this machine has the ability to expedite my weight loss program by changing my muscle structure and thus increasing my metabolism.

What is in a name? Too often, people ignore this machine because it is labelled "glute". A better name I feel would be the hamstring machine.

Superior Fitness Machine - Lifefitness Glute Machine

If you compare the other pieces of equipment in the marketplace, you will quickly see the Lifefitness Glut machine is substantially superior.

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