D-Box Mfx Motion Seats Trying To Get Patrons Moving

Movies have become more and more accessible to the average viewer over the last decade. Our film watching habits have been reshaped by the advent of online streaming services. The standard opinion is that this change was a bad thing, but it was bound to happen. Consumers had been providing the demand for online films, and then the technology to deliver it caught up. Social life became increasingly more virtual and now our entertainment has gone the same way.

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It would be harsh to categorize this development as 100% positive or 100% negative, but we can't ignore some ot the negatives associated with the trend. Movie cinemas are no longer revered in the same way. Those who don't care about the art of a film, can watch on their iphone. Though even movie fanatics can have an acceptable experience if they invest in a decent home theater setup. Take a look at digital projectors; they used to be something that maybe one cool kid at your dorm had, but now prices have come down and every other kid has one.

In the early days of cinema, movie houses were the only game in town. As Hollywood expanded, competition led to theaters with multiple screens and even drive-ins. That continued until video came along in the 70s. And so movies took a step toward wider accessibilty. In response, theater owners moved to make movies a magical experience again. They installed state-of-the-art audio systems and furniture far more comfortable than even your favorite La-Z-Boy.

The new shift toward home film consumption is being battled by today's owners in similar ways. Several technologies have been developed in recent years that are making movie theaters more exciting than watching at home. Sound systems and seats have taken another leap toward grandiosity. Dolby Atmos has made movie sound frighteningly realistic (in a good way). And a company known as D-box has created a system called Dbox has developed a state-of-the-art seat system that syncs up with specific motion-enhanced films.

Since streaming movies and Redbox, many have announced the "end of cinema". But as we've seen above, this happened in the past and it will happen again. Catching a movie outside of your own house has fallen out of favor several times in the past. But theater owners have constantly risen to the challenge and kept theaters magical places. There are most likely at least some great local movie houses in your vicinity, such as O'neil Cinemas Theaters