Google Android Apps for Mobile Users

However, it would be appropriate to discuss a few noteworthy apps belonging to the category of system maintenance and management since that can be considered the closest part of the Android OS itself.

Speaking of system apps present in Android app store, Elixir 2 is a remarkable app with multi dimensional features. Some of the noteworthy features of this app include displaying information about the levels of battery, internal and external storage, memory and CPU, Bluetooth, operating system configuration, location and system properties. Other than this crucial information, Elixir 2 also displays the running processes and services and allows you to view the log of a specific process and kill the background processes. So in a sense, this is a perfect and must have system utility.

The importance of a well stocked app store for any software platform cannot be overemphasize. Newsroom Graphics software program with regard to integration together with Avid iNews for its

daily, eighteen hour sport news channel.In recent times where the competition in the industry of mobile devices is ever high, the importance of a highly efficient app store increases even more.

There are many other amazing system applications on the similar lines that make life easier. With each passing day, the variety and number of these exciting and useful applications is increasing at an impressive rate.