Women are key electronics customers

Women are key electronics customers

Women are taking a greater fascination with, and have a more sophisticated comprehension of technology than ever before.

Women actually spent this past year more on technology than men, in line with the Consumer Electronics Association. I-t says women accounted for $55 billion of the $96 billion allocated to electronics gear (figure from a January 6 CEA news release).

Women are increasingly interested in devices, from DVD players to digital cameras, for them-selves or birthday presents for their loved ones.

Very nearly a third of women consider themselves early adopters prepared to get cutting-edge consumer technology.

CEA noted that women-in america have become more prone to use gadgets. CEA's research gives step-by-step information regarding the attitudes, purchase factors, choice impacts, purchase programs, present product ownership, and future purchase intent. If you have an opinion about reading, you will perhaps choose to study about electronics. Here are a few of the findings:

Women are involved in 8-9 % of all consumer electronics purchase decisions.

84% of women think that new technologies can improve their lives.

48-tooth of women age 1834 own a digicam.

The CEA review noted that women have very positive responses to specific engineering places, like HDTV, cell phones, and photography. Dig up extra resources on an affiliated essay by browsing to visit our site.

Women have more buying power and technology is increasingly used by them to manage their busy schedules. This fresh go here site has a pile of telling warnings for where to look at this activity. Women's level of comfort with technology are at an all-time high.

Women need products and services that make it easy to get in touch and make it easy to operate; minimal wiring or no wires at all; slender, well-designed products; making electronics for sale in different colors is not very important; low on setup and large on functionality. Simplicity frequently is an important factor to women once they buy technology;

At CES, managers put large white banners saying 'Technology is just a Girl's Most readily useful Friend,' even though the group's own re-search found a third of women surveyed don't like products with girlie colors.

Nearly three-quarters of women interviewed complained about being ignored or patronized by sales agents when searching for electronics.

A growing number of companies are just starting to target their products toward female customers.

Sony is outfitting its electronics with features that many women find and is planning Sony Style retail stores to interest womens choices by creating an atmosphere where women feel comfortable. Many of Sonys efforts are dedicated to functionality. If you hate to dig up further about ios accessories manufacturers, there are tons of databases you can investigate.

Women have become informed and involved in engineering areas where they once had little if any presence..