NCLB Pro-gram Should Get Their Stick from Texas Schools


Failure to coach our countrys most disadvantaged students may be the most obvious and abiding ethical and social problem of the United States. For nearly 20 years, our country has worked to improve our schools and student achievement levels. The No Daughter or son Left Behind (NCLB) Act was to become the solution to this dilemma by keeping all schools accountable for student performance using high-stakes testing.

The error in thinking could be the notion that the NCLB test scores are honest and a-ccurate. The machine doesn't factor out-the drawbacks and/or advantages of wealth and census, creating an inequity in the score of schools. Get new resources on our affiliated article - Click this web site: cooking classes in atlanta. Dig up further on our related article directory by visiting cheap cooking classes houston. Low-income schools should offer programs, including tutoring, pre-school, remedial classes, and bi-lingual ser-vices, to their students, as well as the cost of more management required by the state and federal grants that make up the largest portion of their budget. Richer schools that primarily depend upon local funding (broadly speaking from property taxes) because of their budget have few government demands, few low-income students requiring particular programs, and flexibility in how their budget can be used. This implies wealthier schools can provide more educational opportunities and improvements (i.e. access to music, fine arts and engineering, changes, teacher professional training and extracurricular activities, and teacher administrative support) that impoverished schools cannot afford.