Parents A High Priority For Atlanta Schools


Many parents today need to work, whether they are heads of single-parent or two-parent families. Atlanta Public Schools parents are no exception. Visit cooking recipes to discover where to allow for this activity. ...

No-one can deny that it's very important to parents to be involved with their childs training. It is a widely-known and rarely disputed proven fact that children whose parents are involved in their childs college do a lot better than those whose parents are not. Adult participation increases and increases student achievement. End of story. To study more, please consider glancing at: clicky. Or could it be?

Many parents to-day have to work, whether they are heads of single-parent or two-parent families. Atlanta Public Schools parents are no exception. They know that if they want to give their young ones support by adding to their childs understanding environment, they should really do anything beyond telling the kid under consideration to go research your options.

While a lot of students will do very well despite their parents lack of involvement, all kids would do better WITH that involvement. Yes, helping with homework is essential, and for the struggling student, is critical. For even the highest reaching Atlanta Schools student can take advantage of parents who work on homework with them. The kid can believe that their parent helps and loves them, and is considering what she or he has been doing all day.

This past college year, in August 2006, the go-ahead was given by the Atlanta Schools education board for the formation of the Parental Involvement Task Force. The key reason for this organization would be to identify strategies which improve Atlanta Schools parental involvement. Their ultimate goal is to improve student achievement. This effort by Atlanta Schools displays still another important element in getting parents to be involved in the schools at higher levels. Showing which they are determined to have their parents more involved, Atlanta Schools are using the theme for the administrative levels. This move shows that Atlanta Schools leaders understand and rely on the importance of finding and keeping parents involved in the schools. If you know anything at all, you will certainly choose to research about open in a new browser.

Needless to say, helping with homework or simply just studying aloud with a child (at any age, even with teenagers) shows tremendous advantage to the child. But escaping there within their childrens college by volunteering in the class room, front office, library, and for specific events is vital. Physically being there shows the student (and their friends) the parent is involved and really wants to know whats going on in the place their child spends the majority of their time.

The Atlanta Schools parental panel, a sub-committee of the Parental Involvement Task Force, occurs at each elementary, middle, and high school throughout the Atlanta Schools area. Two parents and two faculty members from all Atlanta Schools are selected to lay on this committee. Their objectives are to:

Make tips to the Atlanta Schools Superintendent regarding parental, family and community involvement activities.

Provide input for the annual parent/community report which will be posted

to the Board of Education by the Superintendent.

It's apparent that the Atlanta Schools are aware of the need to improve parental involvement, with the final purpose of improving student achievement..