Mass Save Rebates on Earth Day 2010. Mass Save Great Appliance Exchange underway

Earth day time 2010 (April 22) scars the first day in the Great Connections Exchance in Massachusetts. MUM residents get a chance to business in their current (and working) appliance for any brand-new, earth-friendly one. Go to a participating merchant today and obtain your new appliance. This opportunity lasts for two weeks (until May 5th), and it is just while products last. You can save up to $250 on a specific appliance!

To get a Bulk Save Refund Reservation amount and type, call 1-877-627-9271 (1-87MA-SWAP) or perhaps go to

When you obtain this quantity, pick out your appliance plus mail within the Mass Save Rebate form in with your current sales receipt and a duplicate of your most recent electric costs.

It is a great time to be a Ma resident! So hurry up, save some money, do some taking, and do account to help our planet!

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